Dear George RR Martin, Please Don't Kill Arya Stark, Love Nathan

from by Nathan Leigh

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i sold my soul for some comic books and a box of old cassettes
i got a tape deck in my minivan so i got no regrets
and jews don’t believe in heaven and we don’t believe in hell
so i’ll be fine
so if you’ve got the goods then i’ve got the gumption
i think we’ll commit the perfect crime

and i drove out west and i drove back east and i drove myself insane
cause i can’t do nothing about california, no i can’t make it rain
and i’m pretty good at fixing stuff
but there are some things i can never fix
so i’ve narrowed down my list to 20 things i’d wish for
if i had one wish

they say everything falls apart before it fits back together again

stars explode and planets die almost every single day
just a flash of light in the summer sky a billion miles away
and billion’s such a massive number
that i can’t comprehend the loss of life
instead i get upset each time
they kill someone on game of thrones i like

but everything falls apart before it fits back together again

i resign my post in the folk singer’s club
cause i like minor threat more than mumford and sons
and i was raised in comfort and plenty
not in appalachia in the 20’s
but it’s so much more romantic to sing about closing the mill
than being shitcanned from the walmart

they say everything falls apart before it fits back together again


from Ordinary Eternal Machinery, released May 19, 2017



all rights reserved


Nathan Leigh Brooklyn, New York

guitars, synths, orchestra, and suitcases

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